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Mastering Make-up has never been easier as I reveal best kept make-up secrets to help you transform your look.

Get ready to learn the secret techniques make-up artists use to create the most gorgeous you!



Are you at a loss even knowing where to begin with make-up application?

                                                                          Jennifer Stepanik: Make-up Artist to celebrites, bridal parties and debutants.                                   

Hi, my name is Jenny and I have been in the make-up and beauty industry for over 12 years now. 

In this time I have done countless make-ups on very different looking women. From celebrities, bridal parties and debutants to more mature women just wanting to look glamorous for their special event.

They all walked away feeling confident and excited about their new look and thrilled by the transformative power of make-up.

I have often been called upon to give one on one make-up tuition to my clients in order that they too can benefit from knowing how to tailor make-up styles to suit their specific face shapes.

My clients would often tell me how these one on one make-up sessions were creating major changes for them at a personal level



Lynne was never really one for make-up




Until she learnt how to apply it well



Amie didn't like wearing eye shadow

because she thought it made her

deep set eyes look weird


Amie was thrilled with her new make-up skills after reading

Mastering Make-up

and sent through these two looks -Natural Day time look


Evening Make-up Look


Now that the maze of make-up had been clarified …

they were free to experiment, play and enjoy make-up rather than fear making an absolute disaster of their appearance before going out to an important event.

So instead of feeling afraid of how stupid they were going to look, they now felt a lot more confident and were enjoying the process of applying make-up.

The embarrassment and frustration of not knowing
how to apply make-up appropriately

So after many years of knowing how to apply make-up professionally I realized that there were a lot of women who are confused and frustrated when it comes to applying make-up.

Many of them come to me because they have absolutely no clue how to apply their make-up.

They've made many disheartening attempts to create what's supposed to be an alluring and sexy look… only to end up running to the bathroom and washing it all off again

They've seen other women apply make-up magnificently but they themselves were either too shy to ask for help or just overwhelmed and lacking in confidence when it came to applying makeup.

If you're anything like my clients you've probably been comfortable not wearing make-up because achieving the look you are after has been too difficult to achieve.

Do you secretly wish you knew what you were doing with make-up so that you could easily create that glamorous head turning look?

Deep down though, you long for that “elusive” knowledge of how to apply make-up correctly so that you too can create a more elegant, sexy and head turning look that so many other women are doing so well. 

It is a sad fact that your personal appearance and level of attractiveness have a direct impact on your quality of life.

Studies have shown that attractive people earn more and get more promotions than average looking people.


Attractive people are viewed as more honest and helpful while unattractive people are viewed as rude and unfair.

The Mastering Make-up e-book will help you transform your look giving you confidence as I take you step by step through the process of make-up application. Highlighting your best features and giving you the knowledge
to create your best look ever.

You'll discover the secrets that make-up artists often take for granted.

Find out  the make-up rules and techniques which, once mastered, can completely transform your appearance.

“ I found that the e-book was very useful for someone like me, who is not very good at applying make-up and finds it a bit daunting to know how to apply it correctly. The e-book goes through all the makeup procedures in a systematic fashion and explains everything clearly and thoroughly. I especially appreciated the section on "Asian eyelids" as that is relevant to me. Now I feel like I can be a little more experimental with how I wear makeup and I can be confident that I have the skills to apply it correctly.”

Nerida Wu, Age 35, Drummer, Sydney Australia 

My personal reasons for creating this make-up e-book:

Secretly I love to see the uplifted mood and the jolt in self confidence that professional make-up application can create.

And now I want to make my knowledge available for anyone who want to learn these confidence boosting skills.

You no longer have to suffer the frustration and anxiety of how to apply make-up.

Mastering Makeup is  a clear and straight forward book that has helped thousands of people to correct their make-up mistakes.

Finally, you can go out feeling confident that you are presenting your best face forward.


What you are about to discover


  • How to look like a goddess without spending a fortune
  • The truth about creating a flawless foundation finish that will cause your friends and family to gasp… in a good way.
  • Why correctly applied eye shadow is so important in creating a celebrity look that everyone will envy. In this e-book you will learn eye shadow application techniques specific to your eye shape. (Pages 25-31)
  • Secrets tips revealed to help you conceal under eye circles, blemishes, puffy eyes and ruddy complexions – You will be astonished at how easy it is! (Pages 13 & 14)
  • What you must carry in your makeup kit. And how to use your makeup brushes like Hollywood make-up artists
  • Eyeliner application blunders. How to avoid running to wash your makeup off and start applying your eye-liner like a pro
  • How to sculpt your specific face shape using contour, highlight, bronzer & blush. This set of application techniques done correctly, is what will set your make-up apart from the rest and have other women wishing they could do their makeup as well as you. (Pages 16-24)
  • 4 ways to enhance your lashes to give you that wide eyed look that everyone comments on. Included in this section are great tips on how to apply false lashes without all the fuss as well as the different types available. (Pages 36-39)
  • How to get the eyebrow advantage
  • Secrets to achieving the perfect pout…even on the thinnest lips
  • Why 99% of all people miss the boat when it comes to applying make-up and how the secrets revealed in this makeup e-book make it so easy to create that elegant, sexy, head turning look you've always wanted
  • And much, much more…

“ I have been using make up every day for a couple of decades now with the aim of hiding some of my imperfections and to avoid looking pale when wearing work clothes. 

When I came across Mastering Make-up I realised that there is an art of applying make-up which Jennifer explains in a clear yet, in-depth way.
Since I read her book my make up routine has changed from a boring obligation to an effective and incredibly rewarding ten minutes that gives my appearance all the difference in the world.

I loved her e-book, and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their appearance and gain the confidence that only feeling beautiful can give, in only some minutes. What a great tool!

Veronica M De Ferrari BA Ed., MA Ed, Counsellor, Writer. NSW Australia

Are you finally ready to learn these techniques?

Once you understand the easy-to- follow and simple steps behind these techniques… then applying make-up becomes easy for you.

 I take all the guesswork out of applying make-up and show you the best way to a stunning and sophisticated look.

Normally, this sort of information has not been made available to the general public and has only been the domain of celebrities or the rich and famous. No wonder they look so amazing!

But I wanted to make this kind of knowledge available to women from all walks of life.

Women, who haven't had the guidance from their mothers, friends or older sisters.

How were they ever to know how to apply makeup if they were never shown? Hardly their fault was it?

I pulled all of my knowledge from over 12 years in the beauty and makeup industry and have created Mastering Makeup: Everything you need to know about applying makeup, a comprehensive make-up e-book that would normally retail for $29.95 on its own.

Bonus 1: A bonus copy of How to Look Younger Using Make-up

valued at $16.95

This e-book tackle the challenges of ageing through make-up. Make-up techniques discussed in this e-book will help women refresh their look at any age.

What you'll learn:

  • How to prevent makeup gathering in the creases around your eyes
  • The secrets to evening out ruddy, uneven and dull complexions
  • Foolproof techniques to camouflage puffy eyes and dark circles
  • An indepth explanation of anti-ageing treatments and skin care. The top anti-ageing skin care ingredients to look out for. 
  • Eyeshadow application techniques to take away the eyelid sag
  • And much, much more…





Bonus #2: A bonus copy of Most Popular Makeup Questions Answered valued at $9.99

This e-book is a comprehensive response to the burning questions that so many women have on topics such as :

  • What is the best eye-shadow colour to wear if you have blue, brown, green or hazel eyes
  • How to camouflage puffy eyes
  • How to apply makeup to make your lips look thinner or fuller and the best colours to wear to help that
  • What skin care products actually work and what to watch out for
  • How do you know whether to use a powder, pencil or eyebrow gel
  • How to make your eyes look bigger
  • How to get a sun-kissed look
  • And much, much, more

Bonus #3: 30 minutes Live Skype Makeup Lesson

(valid for up to 3 months from purchase date of your e-book)

This Skype make-up lesson will allow you to ask me as many questions as you have  concerning make-up, as well as show me how you've been applying your make-up so that I can fine tune your new skills personally.

Normally I would charge a minimum of $147 per hour for this service 

So to get the most out of your make-up education I suggest you purchase right now. As this offer won’t be available forever.

So to sum up. When you invest in this make-up education package you will be receiving a copy of the e-books Mastering Make-up (valued at $29.95), How to Look Younger Using Make-up (valued at $16.95), Most Popular Make-up Questions Answered (valued at $9.99) as well as receiving a voucher for a  30 minute live Skype make-up lesson that is valid for up to 3 months from the date that you purchase your e-book

However, today instead of paying $204 your personal image investment is ONLY $37!

Why am I offering this at such an incredible price?

Because I know the frustration and feelings of never being able to achieve your dreams and I sincerely want you to know how easy it is to turn things around with the right knowledge.

But to really make you understand how much I stand behind my product 

My Personal Guarantee

Try out this Makeup package containing: Mastering Makeup: Everything you need to know about applying makeup, How to Look Younger Using Make-up,Most Popular Makeup Questions Answered as well as your 30 minute live makeup lesson voucher for a full 60 days.

Read these e-books and then for 60 days put their masterful techniques to work for you. 

In the unlikely event that you're not 150% satisfied with the techniques that you've learnt then I will give you a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

And even with this refund you'll still be able to keep this e-book for future reference. 

A lot of my friends tell me that I'm crazy to do this and that I'll get ripped off by people who just like to take advantage of my nice nature.

 But even though there will be a handful of people who like to rip you off, I still believe that people on the whole are pretty honest.

So I'll stand by my guarantee because, if this Makeup Package cannot help you achieve your best look ever..then I don't want your money!

But I know how much you are going to love Mastering Makeup & Most Popular Makeup Questions Answered and how much benefit and confidence you will gain from these e-books. So press the ORDER NOW button below because I would hate for you to miss out on such a fantastic offer.

Here's what others have to say

“Mastering Makeup was a fantastic e-book that surprised me with how much information was packed into it. It was a very thorough, clear, easy to understand, step by step guide to applying makeup and I really liked the section on how to apply eye makeup for mature eyes as in the past I felt like I didn't know how to apply my eye make-up properly. Following the information in this e-book I finally felt confident applying my eye shadow and makeup in general thanks to the e-book” -

Maria Ross , Age 59, Gosford Australia

“Mastering Makeup: Everything You Need to Know About Applying Makeup…Loved the book, great up-to-date and easy to read information. Has changed the way I apply my make-up, especially the sections on highlighting and contouring. Highly recommended!”

Rachael Baez, Age 40, Librarian- NSW, Australia

Mastering Makeup: Everything You Need to Know About Applying Makeup

$37 USD

Get the look you've been longing for NOW!

P.S- It’s very simple. If Mastering Makeup: Everything you need to know about applying makeup doesn’t fulfill every one of the promises we make, we will refund every cent you paid and it will cost you nothing!

P.P.S – Remember that when you purchase this e-book you will not only receive a bonus copy of How to Look Younger Using, Make-up,Most Popular Makeup Questions Answered you will also receive a voucher to have one on one live Skype coaching with me-a service I normally charge a minimum of $147/hr for.
You owe it to yourself to try Mastering Makeup


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